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There are plants all around us.  Everywhere we go there are trees, flowers, farms and other greenery.  So, why are plants so important to us?  A main reason is because they carry out the role of photosynthesis, which is necessary for life.  This unit shows why plants are important, how plants survive, and the fact that everything living depends of plants to survive.


How materials are transported throughout plants in the phloem and xylem tissue
The structure of a leaf, and the role of the different parts in photosynthesis 
"light" and "dark" reactions of photosynthesis
Why are plants important?
How light energy is converted into chemical potential energy of ATP
How PGAL is used to produce glucose, sucrose, starch, and other products
 different terms

Helpful Hints:

There is a difference between photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  These two reactions are the reverse of each other.
All living organisms rely on plants for their survival.

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