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In this unit, things will be discussed like current research and theories of genetic information, ethical and moral issues that stem from technologies in genetics, and the knowledge that differences among humans results from genetic variability and environmental influences.


The molecular structure and function of DNA

The process of DNA replication

The structural and functional relationship between DNA and RNA

How DNA controls the cell


Protein synthesis

Techniques of genetic research that make genetic engineering possible

Genetic terms

Helpful Hints:

In the unit of genetics, there are a lot of questions that involve genetic crosses.  These were taught in grade 11 biology.  It is a good idea to review these important concepts to further understand genetics. 

I always find it confusing distinguishing between genotype and phenotype.  The genotype is the combination of alleles that result from the cross.  Phenotype is the characteristics that are shown from the cross. 

When genetic engineering is being discussed, consider both the pros and the cons that result from this new type of science.  There are good things and bad things, so keep an open mind.

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