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  1. Why is evolution called a theory?
  2. Give three of Darwin's evidence that evolution has occurred.
  3. How was the age of the earth determined?
  4. What did Darwin believe was the major driving force in evolution?
  5. If the frequency of gene N to gene n is 0.6 to 0.4, how many NN, Nn, and nn would you expect in 100 000 people, assuming Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?
  6. Give four reasons for evolutionary change.
  7. What is successful adaptation?
  8. Why isn't life forming from non-life today?


  1. Evolution is called a theory because a theory is a hypothesis that is supported by a great deal of evidence, and that is what evolution is.
  2. Fossils -Extinct species resemble living species, Progressive changes in characteristics of organisms can be seen in different layers of rock. Geographical Distribution -Lands with similar climates have more unrelated plants and animals, Plants and animals of each continent are distinctive.  Oceanic Islands - Species are very unique and show relation to other species, Species show similarities to those on nearby mainland.
  3. The age of the earth was determined by studying rates of radioactive decay.
  4. Natural selection
  5. NN - 36% or 36 000  Nn - 48% or 48 000  nn - 16% or 16 000
  6. Genetic drift, gene flow, mutation, non-random mating, and natural selection
  7. An increase in fitness.
  8. Life isn't forming from non-life because it is a different environment, there is less energy, and organic molecules aren't building up.